What Is The Best HTML Editor For You?

February 26, 2019 | By Joyce Mendoza | Filed in: General Blogging, Internet News.

Every amateur and pro web developers must know the importance of HTML for the development of websites. The face of the website is the most attractive part of the website that grabs the attention of the people and HTML is behind the front end of your website. So you must know about the best HTML editor that reduces the chances of error. In the past few years, there are a lot of HTML editors are flooding in the market and it is a real challenge for the developers to pick the right one. Here, we have picked some HTML editors that work best and compatible with the cross platforms. These HTML editor options will take you to the next level and there will be no chances of bugs anymore.

Bare bones Edit:

Bare bones Edit is the most famous HTML editor for mac with very high-quality features. It has an accessible interface where you can search, manage and change multiple files. The key features of barebone edit are auto code completion, compatible with FTP and SFTP, Integrated spell checker, code folding, easy open and save, Syntax coloring, Auto text completion. But this HTML editor can be used on macOS.

Note Tab

Note Tab is most reliable and fast HTML editor for Windows and Linux users. However, it comes with the free version but you can get its full features when you buy the key license. The key features of this code editor are syntax highlighting, Insert code snippets, drag and drop multiple documents, multiple pages handling, easy tags inserting, insert HTML code from the toolbar, autocomplete tags. It has also a unique feature called clipbook that has a big collection of pastable text snippets that related with tags of the header.


Atom is one of the best and super successful HTML editors. It is open source editor that is designed by GitHub. It is also known as important WYSIWYG editor that is compatible with all operating systems including Windows, macOS X, and Linux. The main features of this HTML editor are auto-completion with quick results, searching & replacing, user-friendly interface, panes options for comparison, and file browsing system. It comes with a free version that gives you quick output.


CotEditor is free and open source HTML editor but it is not compatible with cross platforms. You can use it only on mac but it supports all major programming languages such as Ruby, PHP, Python, and HTML. The main features of this HTML editor are syntax highlighting, find and replace option, and automatically data backs up. This code editor also allows you to create many languages of macros for example Python, Ruby, PHP, Perl, and JavaScript. It also gives you a different view of your document by rendering the window into multiple panes.


Despite the powerful features of these best HTML editors, pick the best one according to your need because all have different features from each other. Leave a comment and write your experience back to us.

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