Twitter retweets or favorites, what to aim for success?

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Social media is a platform used for reaching all sorts of objectives. It can be for the sake of personal fame, a place to exhibit your talents or promoting your business. The success on social media sites is measured by the number of followers, likes, retweets you possess. An increased number of these factors are necessary for you to reach your desired goals.


Twitter is a social media site used by a wide range of users including celebrities, politicians and other official personals as well as the general public. Twitter is used for not only entertainment but also is a major source of authentic news, coming directly from politicians and celebrities. In specific, Twitter is a platform endorsed by retweets and favorites which measure the success of an account.

What are favorites?

Favorites are basically what we call ‘likes’ on Facebook and Instagram. They are what the Instagram’s metric system measures for the amount of engagement you have with followers. Other than this, the amount of favorites carried out by a person directly reflects the activity of that Twitter user in specific.. It further helps the metrics system to show you new content based on the stuff that you put favorites on. In short, the type of content you put favorites on helps the twitter to tailor make your twitter feed for future use, suggesting new accounts that you may like based upon your old likings.

Followers; favorites also determines the user preferences. It helps the user understand what kind of content is liked by their users and what is not working out for them. The user can try out different strategies to figure out what their followers prefer in the content and weigh out their most preferred strategies by enlisting them according to the favorites received. The one with the most favorites is definitely the one. If they figure once what attracts and inspires their followers, the user can base his works on that strategy which actually worked out for them.

What are retweets?

Mostly similar to favorites, retweets are also another way to measure the effective Twitter engagement by calculating and relating the interests of followers as well as the user. However, if we dig in deep, the twitter retweet calculates to reach something much grander than what simple favorites can do.

Basically, reposts or retweets that are the forwarded tweets from your account to another users’ account who retweeted your tweet. This way, your content is not only visible to your followers but to another person’s followers now as well, resulting in your voice being heard by a whole new arena of followers. Thus, retweeting is more like spreading your word across a larger audience who may in return follow you directly if the retweet was worth it, resulting in a larger fan base.

In conclusion

Favorites may be useful for helping you understand your followers and providing strategies which might help you excel but the retweets have a major role to play in your promotion because they make you visible to a wider range of audience. So you should be more focused on getting retweets, buy twitter followers cheap from a good source and favorites might just follow along.

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