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Maria Victoria Henao, widow of cocaine terrorist and drug lord Pablo Escobar. Pablo established his Medline Cartel that smuggled the 90% of drugs in America during the 80s. But he was shotgunned by Police at the age of 44 in 1993 and left his family to pay for his bad deeds. Her husband was a public foe due to his illegitimate activities. Everyone wants to know how Maria Victoria spent living with a narcotics terrorist and where she is living after the demise of Pablo Escobar. In her life biography, we will give you information from her early life to present life. Read on!

First meeting with Pablo

Maria was romantically involved with Pablo Escobar when she was at her tender age of 13 while Pablo was 24 years old. Pablo met with Maria by her brother who was working with him. Maria had 10 years of the age gap but the couple decided to get married to each other. But Maria’s father was agreed as Pablo was socially inferior to his family. But their persistence compelled him to accept their relationship and eventually, the duo got hitched after two years of relationship in 1976. At that time, Maria was 15 years of age and Pablo was 26 years old young boy.

Marriage life

Maria Victoria Henao did not know the criminal activities of her husband as he had told her he owns real estate business. But after one year of their marriage, police arrested him when they were expected their first child. She heard the first time about his criminal activities but she remained silent and stayed with his side. He was arrested because his cocaine shipment was seized at Ecuador border but he told his wife that he had helped his friend who was in trouble. Maria believed what he told to her but she became mindful after this incident. Her veil fell from her eyes when Pablo found to involve in the assassination of Justice Rodrigo Bonilla.

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Present Life:

The loss of Pablo Escobar changed the entire life of his family. Maria Henao wanted to move to another country but any country was not accepted her application. She forged her identity and changed her name. She also changed the names of her kids. She managed to get the tourist visa of Argentina after one year of efforts. She moved to Argentina in 1994 and maintained a low key life but she detained by police on charges of fake documents and money laundering case with her son. Later, they were released as federal police did not find sufficient evidence to prove the money laundering charges. She remained behind the bars for one and a half year. She continued her life in Buenos Aires as a businesswoman after gaining freedom.


As Maria Victoria Henao faced jail time in Argentina and many troubles after the death of her husband. But now she is living as the widow of Pablo Escobar with changed identity. She stayed herself away from the media. She got the Argentinian nationality and she is not active on social media.

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