Does Instagram notify when you screenshot a photo?

December 3, 2019 | By Joyce Mendoza | Filed in: General Blogging, Internet News.

If on Instagram you come across content you wish to forward to someone else but cannot save it as Instagram does not allow you to, the logical solution is to just screenshot a photo and send it to whomever you wish to. This is what most users tend to do but a recent question raised by many users is; does Instagram notify the owner of the content that you took a screenshot? Here is all you need to know about it.

Why Instagram followers might want to take an Instagram screenshot

You might want to screenshot a story, a meme, or a picture to send share it elsewhere, or you might just want to replace your wallpaper with the new aesthetic scenery you just saw on someone’s feed. The most common content that users tend to screenshot is on someone’s story.

This is because the content is ephemeral and does not last more than 24 hours on the story. Notification policies in social media sites are meant to respect the individual’s privacy and you need to keep that in mind whether or not Instagram send notifications to the owner.

Does Instagram send notifications when you screenshot a post?

The answer is no. Instagram does not send notifications to the owner of the content when you screenshot their post. All videos or pictures posted on Instagram’s home feed count as posts. If you do wish to save the content, an alternative to taking a screenshot is to simply bookmark it to access it later form the application instead of downloading it to your phone.

You can flag pictures or videos and access them later from the special section in the application.

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Does Instagram send notifications when you screenshot a story?

Instagram currently does not notify when you screenshot from a story but in 2018, it experimented doing so and soon dropped the feature. So, now if someone screenshots an Instagram story that he/she likes, the owner of the story is not likely to know about it but if you do wish to keep it this way, you must keep a check on any changes in features in the application.

If you want to be able to access your own story content that you took form the in-app camera later, you can access your profile page and click the archive icon after selecting the three-bar icon. The application by default saves the content you post on your story.

Does Instagram notify the recipient when you screenshot a DM?

Yes, Instagram does notify the other user if you screenshot in a DM. A DM is a private conversation. This is however, only true for disappearing content; whether pictures or videos. You can send expiring photos or videos in personal conversation as well. In this case, if you take a screenshot of the disappearing content, the other person in the conversation will be notified.

This means that the delivery status will change to “screenshot” instead of ‘delivered’ or ‘opened’. This will however, not apply to screenshots of entire texts or regular images. That means you can safely screenshot your conversations to send to others!

Does Instagram send a notification when you screen record?

The answer is no. Instagram does not notify the user if you screen record. This also applies to DMs. So, in your personal chat, you can take screen recording without having the other user know about it. Screen recording can thus also be used to later screenshot the disappearing image or video from the recording, without notifying the owner, but you must remember not to breech someone else’s privacy.

Can you do something about others taking screenshots of your stories without your knowledge?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. there is no setting right now that you can change to get notifications of others potentially misusing you content but hopefully there will be a change in Instagram’s policy in the near future.

Instagram is a popularly used social media application where content does not last so taking screenshots is very common. In conclusion, you will not be notified if someone takes screenshots of your content except in disappearing content personal chats (DMs). You can screenshot content on Instagram without letting the owner of the content know.

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