5 tips to conquer the Instagram algorithm and get real Instagram followers 

March 31, 2019 | By Joyce Mendoza | Filed in: General Blogging, Internet News.

Instagram has become the fastest growing social platform in a very short period of time. It is the sweet spot for the marketers and people of all ages. If you are a brand and want to get real Instagram then you are in the right place. In this article, we will discuss some useful tips to entice the potential audience who interested in your content. Moreover, these tips will help you to get real Instagram followers by boosting post engagement and visibility.

Useful tips to get real Instagram followers

  • Comment and Engage With People Using Those Hashtags Too
  • Use Instagram Ads to Reach People
  • Collaborate With Other Instagrammers
  • Use Instagram Stories Consistently
  • Use more Hashtags in Your Instagram Stories
  • Get Featured

followersComment and Engage With People Using Those Hashtags Too

Instagram create the page for hashtags, you can see all the posts using that hashtags and follow these hashtags too. If you want to buy real Instagram followers fast then click through into these hashtags and engage with the people who are using those hashtags.

Use Instagram Ads to Reach People

Instagram ads is a good way to reach people who are your non-followers. You can promote your products also. If you get the foot in the door to Instagram advertising then there are more chances that you don’t know about your target audience. Instagram has a built-in targeting option that you can use for reaching new people on this platform.

Collaborate With Other Instagrammers

Collaboration with other Instagrammers is the best way to reach a larger audience and cross-promote your content. You can collaborate with influencers and promote your brand on their Instagram accounts, and share each other’ content. Find the accounts who have the same target market and agree to work together. You can grow your following count massively by cross promotion.

Use Instagram Stories Consistently

Instagram stories are a fun and creative way to draw the attention of your target audience. So try using this content format consistently. If you want to stay on the top then post 2 stories per day. This way, the people who are not followers can also see your stories. Also, it is a great way to provide updates to your followers without flooding the feeds of your followers.

Use more Hashtags in Your Instagram Stories

Pondering how to get real Instagram followers? Of course with the help of hashtags. Use a number of hashtags in your Instagram stories. You can hide the hashtags across your photos and make them small and blend them into the background with white color. Do it when you use bulk hashtags in your stories.

Get Featured

If you are sharing amazing and unique content on your account, then there are more chances that Instagram will get feature your account. You can tag those people in your images and captions. Strike up a conversation with them who owns the feature accounts on Instagram. If you manage to get featured on Instagram, your following count will rise overnight.

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