Creating own platform petitions is now simpler with facebook

January 31, 2019 | By Joyce Mendoza | Filed in: General Blogging, Internet News.

There have been so many data misuse troubles of the Facebook which have been the concerning issues being the sense of the naivety and maybe they also have been to a propensity to have a look at the things in the most positive manner without even taking the potential negatives into consideration. This is the sense in which if something somehow seems to be concerning, till then the approach doesn’t seem to be evolving into it with all the new features of the Social network being a tool that will enable the users to make their own petitions by being on facebook and they will rally other users in their support.

This is also named to be the community action tools which are basically intended to inspire the increase community participation and the civic action. This further was given some explanation in the words that the users can use it by adding a title, description and then if they want to add the image to whatever the community action they have taken by adding the tag for the relevant government agencies and the other officials all who would be notified about it. The purpose behind this actually is to make the community action to become viral and to get the maximum support from the people.

The community actions would be having their own discussion feeds for the people to leave their comments and to raise the funds and do the organization of the facebook events or whatever they call as campaigns. All this truly makes sense and this has been linked with the broader effects of the facebook which will become even useful and helpful with the local groups who are opposed to being the boiling points to the most prevailing global problems. But as it has been noted, this is now been assumed to be the best in the people and they are also overlooking the potential damages.

It would be easier for them to imagine about the same petitions which are now in use to act as the fuel for the hate groups to spur the outrage of the community on increased broader problems and to pursue the general politicians for the subjects which most likely are beyond the remits.

Matt Navarra being the social media expert has pointed that people now can see the facebook doing well and going so far and if it wants to play a better and a more positive position in the participation but this scenario now seems to be saddled with more potential problems in so many aspects and this is why for facebook it seems to be hard to go with it. This meant that this is not going to add more to it and surely it will allow more outlet for the users so that they can push the community actions in order to do anything which as an outcome changes the result and this shows that the relevant issues are needed to listen.

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